Our bison likes freedom in the forest

We continue to monitor our bison who moved to their permanent residence in the Bryansk Forest Reserve

A group of employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve visited our bison who moved on December 5, 2017 from the Central Bison nursery to the Bryanshchina protected areas. Since the transfer of our bison 2 months have already passed. One month has passed since the moment when three males and eight females of 2013-2014 birth have completed strict quarantine and were released at will in the Bryansk Forest reserve.

Our colleagues from the Bryansk Forest say that the bison perfectly adapted to the new conditions. Our bison joined the main free herd. According to observations of specialists, they are still at a distance from the main group of “old-timers”. But their socialization is becoming more reliable, the bison from the herd are gradually looking favorably at the beginners.
In total, the Bryansk Forest now contains about 60 bison. Spring is not far off – the long-awaited birth time of the offspring. Very soon small bisons will replenish the Bryansk population, and the entire world population as a whole!

And our employees were very happy to see their former wards again and make sure that they are doing well. Bisons even posed in front of photo-lenses. All animals look healthy, cheerful and well-fed, their dream of forest freedom has come true!