Open Volunteer Day

On Sunday, June 10, a traditional open volunteer day was held on the territory of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. The weather was gloomy – it was regularly raining a little rain. But this did not affect the number of participants in any way – this time we received 26 volunteers.

At the very beginning of the day, a curious thing happened: at the station our bus accidentally forgot one of the volunteers who went to buy carrots for bison. All the things and the mobile phone of this woman left for the reserve, and she herself stayed at the station! But everything was resolved very quickly and safely: the employee of the motor convoy in Serpukhov personally brought her to the reserve.

A variety of work on this day was many-sawed the trees, fallen on the way to the nursery, manure was harvested in one of the pens. In the nearby forestry a full truck of willow branches was assembled for the feed of the bison. For several hours the work did not stop, and even when it was time to drink tea, some particularly enthusiastic volunteers were difficult to stop, and they continued to work for some time.
The volunteer day ended with a fascinating excursion to the Central Bison Nursery, and some wished to visit the high-altitude ecological path “Through the Foliage”. The staff of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve thanks all the participants for their help! It was nice to meet old friends and meet new ones! Up to new meetings in the volunteer season of 2018!