Open Day for employees of the tourism industry

April 26 Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve met the leaders and employees of tourism organizations.

The weather that day did not have much to long walks. It was cloudy and rainy, but the workers of the tourism industry are people of special hardening, a light bad weather could not prevent them from getting acquainted with the ecological paths and excursion routes of our nature reserve.

The first item of the program was the Central Bison Nursery, the guests got acquainted with our bison and the family of North American buffalo. The observation tower opened a beautiful view of the nursery from above. As in the palm of your hand, visitors saw bison grazing, and even a young herd of bisons was very clearly visible.
In our Museum of Nature, guests were provided with fascinating information about the history of the creation of the reserve and the species of birds and mammals that inhabit it.

During the coffee break, all with great interest discussed the forthcoming programs of the tourist visit to the reserve. The guests offered to add fascinating quest components on the excursion route for school groups. They also discussed the possibility of conducting master classes by school teachers.

Representatives of tourist organizations became the first visitors this year to the ecological park “Tree-House” and the high-altitude ecological path “Through the foliage”. Passing one of the high-altitude trails, our guests learned how the forest grows and lives, who inhabit the tree crowns. Having received unforgettable impressions, having learned new interesting facts, employees of tourist organizations will be able to fully prepare tourists for visiting the only reserve in the Moscow region.
The tourist season begins, ecological high-rise trails are open and waiting for guests!