On foot in the Moscow region

On Tuesday, May 21, volunteers from Moscow school №1741 came to our reserve on foot.
Only when traveling can one understand how wide, diverse and amazing is the world around.
Therefore, pupils of secondary school No. 1741 of the city of Moscow decided to expand their horizons and take a break from city life.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, the guys decided to go hiking for a few days, explore the southern suburbs, take a walk through the forests and meadows near the Oka River. Everything an experienced tourist needs can easily fit in a backpack.

Going on a trip at a young age is a real adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime! Life at the bivouac, sleeping in a tent to the nightingale singing and the mysterious sounds of the forest remain forever in the memory.

One of the tasks of their trip was to visit the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve and volunteer assistance in current practical matters. That is, our guests decided to combine business with pleasure – to work and explore all of our sights and ecological paths.

Although the guys were a little tired from the long hike, they went to work together! A few hours were painting a hedge, sweeping and watering the tracks. After this working day, the three kilometers traveled on the excursion to the bison almost did not tire anyone. These two May days flew by like a flash. Ahead, the school and ordinary city life were waiting again.

Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve thanks friends for their help! We are always happy to host such good volunteers!