Oh Mr.Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

The young students of Serpuhov Rehabilitation Center have recently visited the reserve. For almost 20 years this center prevents child homelessness, works with families and helps to rehabilitate children with different kinds of social maladaptions providing them with compete social help.

An annual visit to the reserve has already become a tradition for about 30 children who come here at the beginning of summer. Every year our experts from eco-awareness department prepare an interesting program for the young guests. This time the children solved riddles, took part in competitions and played games outside. Even a complicated quiz “Guess whose home it is” was not too difficult for them.

 What they liked most was coloring the outlines of animals, plants and mushrooms, the reserve inhabitants. The young artists did the “rock painting”, they drew wonderful pictures of home landscapes, a bright sun, a blue sky and Moscow region animals.

— We’re happy to work with the Center,— Tatiana Demina, the supervisor of the eco-awareness department, shared.— The Center psychologist Irina Zubku notes each time that visiting the reserve brings children not only new impressions but also new knowledge. We run an additional awareness-raising program and give each participant a small memorable present. Children spend the whole day out in the fresh air in contact with nature, which is always good for their health.

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