No to Litter, Yes to Recycling!

On November 23 at the end of the marathon «Week Without Litter», the staff of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve once again met the students of the Lipitsk Middle School. This time they told five-graders about what recycling was, why we needed it, and most importantly, that everyone could do it!

The «Week Without Litter» marathon is an action, organized by the All-Russian movement «Let’s Restore Our Forest» together with the project «Million for Recycling» by Russian Greenpeace and actively supported by the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. The events held in the framework of the initiative are called for drawing attention to ecological problems, which are especially urgent in the Moscow region. The main question of the meeting became the raising amount of rubbish, produced by humans, and as a consequence the environmental pollution. However, when you attract attention to a problem, it is necessary to suggest a solution. While burning and burying solid domestic waste is not the best way out, the separate waste collection with its further recycling seems more logical.

During the lecture the children could see the photos of the crafts made from litter, which aroused great interest among the students. What particularly surprised them was the image of an 18-meter catamaran made of 11,000 bottles and the pavilion, where half a million plastic bottles were used as bricks. This immediately aroused a question: «Is it possible to make a house of this material?» This made children think and, therefore they have come to realize how important it is to properly manage all human-produced waste.

Each person can take an active part in wildlife conservation, making their contribution up to their capacity. It is important that children could understand from a very early age what recycling is, why we need it, and most importantly, that everyone can do it! No to litter, yes to recycling!