NO illegal plowing!

At a meeting of the scientific council of the Prioksko-Terrasniy Zapovednik, illegal plowing of meadows in the protected zone of the reserve was discussed.

On November 23, a meeting of the Scientific Council of the Prioksko-Terrasny State Natural Biosphere Reserve was held. The meeting was devoted to a comprehensive discussion of the incident that occurred in the protected zone of the reserve. Two plots of meadows immediately adjoining the border of the reserve were plowed there. The total plowing area is about 26 hectares (16.85 and 8.98 hectares). This incident had a wide public resonance. Specialists of the reserve examined plowed fields and got acquainted with archival materials.


The plowed areas are located on a unique floodplain meadow with elements of the steppe flora. This place is characterized by a high diversity of plants and the presence of species included in the Red Book of Russia (Fritillaria ruthenica Wikstr., Stipa pennata L.) and also in the Red Book of the Moscow Region (Alyssum gmelinii Jord., Veronica incana, Scorzonera purpurea L, Pedicularis kaufmanii Pinzger).


The Scientific Council of the reserve decided that this incident was a violation of the regime of the guard zone. He recommended inspections of the reserve to initiate a case on an administrative offense.