News from the forest

The automatic camera, presented to the reserve after the action to collect paper waste “Paper Boom”, has already been used with great benefit, with its help we managed to make interesting pictures.

Recently, we decided to find out whether the old burrow is inhabited in the protected zone of the reserve. Last year, the foxes’ family lived in this burrow, but after the kids grew up, their dwelling was empty for more than half a year.

An automatic camera set for several days revealed this forest secret. It turned out that a burrow is visited by a badger and at times a fox enters it. Foxes at this time of the year burrow is not needed. Therefore, the fox probably looks at it for the future. But the young badger lives in this shelter for several days. Probably, he separated from his parents and is exploring the neighborhood – where to stay.
We present you a small video. Many readers of our site, and especially children who collected waste paper for the “Paper Boom” action, will be interested to see what wonderful news you can find out with the help of their gift.