New Addition to the Bison Family

A group of visitors was surprised as they witnessed the birth of a baby-girl bison Marsianka (female Martian) on August 5.

The bison family members are not only blood-, but also space-related. Mother Mastra was born on April 12 which is celebrated as Cosmonautics Day in Russia. She got her name after the star – Astra. The newborn bison got her name Marsianka after the tour guide Mars Hasimovich. He has witnessed the birth and seen the newborns first together with his group for the second time in several years.

When calving time comes, European bisons usually try to retreat deeper in the enclosure so they are not on everyone’s display. American bisons behave in a different way. That’s why the visitors could admire the young bison Mastra as she was licking the baby’s wet hair with love and care without paying any attention to them.

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