“Nature Records” at the international level

Employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve participated in the international scientific seminar “Nature Records – the creation of a global database for scientific analysis and joint planning of scientific publications.”

The seminar was held from 5 to 9 October 2015 in the village of Artybash on the shore of Lake Teletskoye in the Altai State Nature Biosphere Reserve. Co-organizers of the seminar were the University of Helsinki and the Association of reserves and national parks of the Altai-Sayan region.

The seminar gathered 33 research department workers of nature reserves, national parks and other organizations from Russia, Finland, the United States, Uzbekistan, Belarus.

The seminar was held under the joint Finnish-Russian research project «Linking environmental change to biodiversity change: large scale analysis Of Eurasia ecosystem», to the implementation of which has recently joined the Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve.

In the first part of the workshop the scientific results of the project were presented. During its implementation in 2011, it has accumulated a large amount of data on the nature reserve. Study participants on the program ” Nature Records” published articles on specific organisms and methodology. The seminar discussed the possibility of publishing the data on the level of ecosystems and the joint study of environmental factors in the spatial dynamics of populations and communities. So the results of the data on phenology preparing for publication in 2015 were considered.

In the second part of the workshop the brainstorm was organized, in which participants discussed the private data of employees of scientific research departments of protected areas (PAs) and new ideas for writing articles. The results were agreements on cooperation and targeting of the specific topics for joint research and publications. After intense days, the Altai Reserve officials organized a tour on the incredibly picturesque Lake Teletskoye.

The seminar had scientific and educational format. It opened to the PA staff prospects for cooperation. Participants expressed their gratitude to the Altai Biosphere Reserve and personally to the Deputy Director for Science of the Altai Reserve Svetlana Chukhontseva for the excellent organization, warm welcome and inspiring mood.

Photo: Buyvolova Anna


Brainstorming at the seminar