Nature is resting

New visitors have appeared in the Central Bison Nursery — sika deer.

In connection with quarantine, the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve closed all of its tourist facilities, but work continues. In the Central Bison Nursery, bison live fine — the first green grass appeared. There are no visitors: silence, harmony and tranquility. But we want to reassure you: the guests were not very annoyed before, because the animal enclosures are very large.

During a scheduled photo shoot of bison for subscribers of our social networks, our employee Olga Kalinina, through her photo lens, saw two sika deer standing quietly nearby! Their protective coloring is so good that you can go very close and not notice anyone. It turned out that, taking the opportunity, the deer jumped over the fence and for several days now they have been living in a pen with bison. It’s quiet, calm and there is plenty of food, and the neighbors don’t interfere much.

The uninvited guest did not frighten the deer, they carefully looked at her and went deep into the corral. Behind the branches of trees, only their guarded ears and noses were visible — ungulates were not going to continue the photo session.

Animals sense changes and quickly occupy territories freed from people. Nature is resting.