Nature conservation cannot be stopped

The tourist objects of our reserve are closed due to quarantine, but the organization fulfills its tasks – we tell how the departments of the reserve work.

In connection with the decree of the President of Russia No. 206 dated March 25, 2020, from March 30 the whole country is in strict self-isolation. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the work of all tourist objects of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve was temporarily suspended.

Excursions to the Central Bison Nursery and the Museum of Nature are not currently conducted, but the reserve continues to work in the field of nature protection, studies and monitors the ongoing natural processes, and is engaged in environmental education.

The work of the reserve system of Russia has never been interrupted for its more than a century of history. Even in the harsh military and famine of the post-war years, specially protected natural areas continued their activities.

Our familiar world is constantly changing: energy prices are rising and falling, affecting exchange rates, new dangerous diseases disrupt the usual rhythm of life, causing quarantine measures that have never been seen before. But no matter what happens, all changes should not be reflected in territories permanently removed from human activities.

The only reserve in the Moscow region – Prioksko-Terrasny – temporarily stopped receiving visitors and sent most of the administration staff to work remotely. It is impossible to remotely guard the territory and continue scientific observations.

So, the reserve protection department did not quarantine. State inspectors in heavy duty are serving in the territory under their jurisdiction. Patrolling is carried out day and night to prevent any unlawful actions, especially in the recent tense situation.

Since March 26, in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Region, a special fire regime has been declared, since the winter was snowless and the earth was very dry. In connection with this regime, the reserve provides round-the-clock duty for employees responsible for the fire situation.

The scientific department did not interrupt a series of phenological and ornithological observations that lasted decades. Scientists continue their research, introducing more and more pages into the annals of nature.

In the Central Bison Nursery, everything goes according to a long-established scheme – keepers take care of their huge pets, giving the bison food, fresh water and necessary vitamins in the morning and evening. Just not heard on the tracks between the corrals of the voices of visitors and guides do not talk about the history and nature of the reserve. Tours have not yet been conducted, and the bison reacted to this with absolute indifference, they had the opportunity to go further into the depths of their huge corral as soon as they were bored with the noise and clicking of cameras.

The environmental education department of the reserve does not stop its work. Good news, interesting articles, beautiful photo and video materials are published daily on our social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki). This work in a modern environment is no less important than security and science.

The nature of the reserve does not notice external troubles: migratory birds come back from the south, overwintered butterflies flew out and immediately hid from the weather, early primroses hung under snow caps.

The tourist facilities of the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik are closed, but the organization itself continues to work: it educates people, takes care of bison, and of course, protects the territory and explores the amazing nature of the southern Moscow suburbs.