Mundial 2018

Month of June, the sun shines, the dense thick greenery – all these are signs of the coming summer.

At the bison were born small calves. All of them within a month receive the nicknames which are written down in a breeding book of bisons. Calves, born in the Central Bison nursery, have nicknames beginning with “Mu”, which speaks of Moscow origin.

On May 12 the first calf male was born this year. To think long we did not have to – in Russia kicked off the 21st World Cup in 2018 – Mundial! In translation from Spanish and Portuguese – the word mundial means “world championship”. We decided that this is the perfect nickname for the first male bison born in 2018!
While the young champion tries not to depart far from Mom – the great wise female of Muribella, but it will not take much time, and he, possibly, will become as huge and mighty as his father Murakami.