Meeting of young ecologists

Let’s decorate the Earth together,
Plant gardens and flowers everywhere.
Let’s respect the Earth together
Аnd treat it with tenderness, as a miracle!
We forget that we have one Earth –
Unique, vulnerable, alive.
It is beautiful in summer and in winter.
She at us on all one such!

On April 24, a meeting of the young ecologists of the Serpukhov municipal district, dedicated to the Earth Day, was held on the basе of the Vasilievskaya secondary school as part of the “March of Parks” action.
A lot of participants of the meeting gathered in the school building – students from 10 educational institutions of Serpukhov district and numerous guests. Employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve are always glad to be invited to take part in such an event.

The meeting began with a speech by the creative team of the Young Ecologist association of the Vasilievskaya secondary school. A small but instructive sketch with a bright title – “In search of living water!” Was shown, where the topic of pollution of water bodies and the general negative impact on the animal and plant world was touched upon. The creative leader of the team L.Kononova can be proud of his wards.

This year, this meeting was a large educational program with a deeper immersion of participants in the sections of important environmental science. For the schoolchildren who gathered here, the teachers of the Serpukhov district and the staff of the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve conducted training master classes. Young nature defenders were taught to use the determinant of trees and shrubs of various species.

Schoolchildren were able to independently determine from samples the types of trees that grow in our area. Schoolchildren also investigated the composition of the soil. A very interesting and cognitive activity for young ecologists was carried out by the employees of the environmental education department of our reserve. We hope that such knowledge will be useful for students in the future.
The meeting ended with an intellectual game that interested all without exception. In their answers, the children showed deep knowledge in the field of ecology.
We hope that this meeting left the children with bright impressions, new knowledge, small discoveries that will be remembered for a long time, will help to make plans for the future and lead to new creative and scientific successes.