Meeting Autumn

So here came autumn and brought rainy weather and gloomy mood along. However, it does not seem to apply to our volunteers who took part in the first autumn volunteer day on September 10.

It was nice that this time there came representatives of a younger generation from the Children and Youth Centre “Horizon”, the Children Club “Kuzka”, the Pedagogical College students and, also, other independent volunteers, all ready to work for the nature’s good.

The first group started the work earlier than others, removed the deadwood and fringed the bushes by the Museum of Nature. Young helpers from the Children and Youth Centre “Horizon” and the Pedagogical College students divided into two groups to improve the House of Leshy (Forest Goblin). While one group was collecting cones and various herbs, another cleaned inside the house. Everyone’s joyful mood was contagious, perhaps that is why young tourists joined the process of collecting cones. And the work went on even faster and more fun!

A group of volunteers, led by Maria Mikhailovna Zablotskaya, engaged in improving the quarter 10, which was, in fact, laying the wood in a wooden shed.

The reserve staff would like to heartily thank the members of the open volunteer day and invite everyone else to participate.

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