Meet “The World of Reserved Nature” Once Again

On January 18, the library of the village of Bolshoe Gryzlovo of the Serpukhov district held the mobile exhibition “The World of Reserved Nature” organized by the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.

Over 50 elementary school students have attended the opening of the exhibition “The World of Reserved Nature”, where the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve presented interesting items telling a story of its work. The exhibits included the materials about the history of creating the Reserve and the Bison Breeding Centre such as booklets, brochures, information banners, a few mounts of the animals who live on the territory of the reserve, as well as the photography of Alexandr Kulichenko, children crafts and fairy-tale expositions, which took part in the “Leshy Terras-Terrasovitch”, “My Little Village” and “Reserved Fairy-tale” competitions.

The experts from the Department of Environmental Education showed two films and gave a presentation “About the Reserve”. Students from the Serpukhov district always take an active part in the events of the reserve. This time children actively answered the questions in the quiz “Who hides in the forest?” and “Whose home is it?”, shared their good mood and impressions of the discovery of the reserve inhabitants’ lifestyle. In the end, all children received memorable prizes and souvenirs.

Lubov Krasnolobova, the third grade teacher in the Bolshoe Gryzlovo School, has shared her impressions. “The exhibition is very informative, all the children are very happy. We have been long familiar with the work of the reserve, as we often visit it together with the students. After guided tours in the reserve, they make different crafts, drawings to share their impressions. I would like to thank the experts from the Department of Environmental Education for well organizing the exhibition. Thanks a lot to all of you!”

The exhibition in Bolshoe Gryzlovo is open for visitors until February, 2017.