March of Parks – 2017


«March of Parks» is an international action supporting specially protected nature areas (SPNA) of Russia and cross-border regions. This date was established in 1995 by the initiative of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union in Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Armenia and countries of Central Asia.

The purpose of the «March of Parks» is to draw the attention of authorities, media, business and the rest of society to the problem of the SPNA, giving them real practical help, awakening the citizens’ sense of pride for their natural and cultural heritage.

During the «March of Parks», reserves, national parks and other environmental non-governmental and educational organizations initiate and hold discussion tables, press-conferences, open doors days, media publications, radio and TV broadcasts, ecological events for children, theme exhibitions, volunteer actions and raising money for charity to support the specially protected areas.

Biological diversity is a collection of all life forms in all their manifestations on the Earth, all living beings and their communities, which formed for millions years of the evolution. It is this life diversity that provides ecological balance on the planet. However small and insignificant a plant or an animal may seem, they still make their irreplaceable impact in providing the sustainability of not only local environment, but also of the biosphere as a whole.

On the ecological balance depends everything that a human cannot live without – productivity and fertility of soil, forest and sea, purity of air and drinking water, food provision and etc. Thus, natural biological diversity is a necessary condition for the survival of humanity. However, for the last two centuries of active human activity, the natural course of ecological processes has been disrupted. An excessive exploitation of natural resources, radical change of landscapes, destruction of natural habitats of plants and animals, pollution of the environment – all led to a drastic reduction of biodiversity and, even, a climate change on the planet.

Thousands of species of living beings are either wiped off the Earth surface, or at the edge of extinction. Only a small part of them is listed in Red Books, many are being protected in reserves and other SPNAs.

A loss of any species together with its unique gene pool, one-of-a-kind peculiarities of life and relations with the environment is irreversible and leads to the destruction of wholesomeness of natural complexes. Today it is evident that preservation of the diversity of life forms and biological systems on the Earth is absolutely necessary and in the first place for all of us.

In the framework of the action, the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve holds annual meetings of young environmentalists, organizes improvement works with the assistance of volunteers. During the «March for Parks» children can take part in the art competition «World of wilderness».