«Let’s save the planet together»

The Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve took part in the work of the IV International Ecological Forum in Kaluga.
“Let’s save the planet together” – representatives of 17 regions of the country, as well as international companies, heads of a number of reserves and national parks of Central Russia gathered in Kaluga to work under this slogan on November 15, 2018.
The experience of restoring and preserving the bison population in the European part of Russia has become one of the key topics of the Forum, along with the problems of preserving the country’s forest wealth, air quality and “green” technologies, environmental education, government interaction and volunteering in creating a favorable ecological environment.

At the plenary session, the participants and guests of the forum were greeted by the governor of the Kaluga region, Anatoly Artamonov. In his address to the delegates, he stressed that the work on environmental protection and its preservation for future generations is the most noble direction of human activity, directly related to the concept of “quality of life”. Among the main problems to which the governor paid special attention – wastewater treatment, efficient waste management, biodiversity conservation. According to A. Artamonov, among the necessary measures contributing to the improvement of the ecological situation in the region as a whole is the activation of environmental education and awareness-raising of the population, especially the younger generation, the development of ecological tourism and volunteering.

In a report on the first results of the Year of the Volunteer, the deputy director of the Roszapovedsentr of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia D. Smilevets reported that more than 1,000 volunteer events were held in Russian reserves and national parks, which were attended by about 50 thousand people. Our Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve was named among the leaders in the number of volunteers involved in activities to help the protected area.

Of particular interest was the work of the section “Experience in restoring and preserving a bison population in the European part of Russia”, held at the Visit Center of the Ugra National Park. There, presentations were made by the directors of reserves and national parks, jointly leading the program to recreate the free bison population. Each spoke about his experience and perspectives of work, about plans for joint actions of reserved zvoprovodov, which have become a real professional community.

The director of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, Evgeny Grigoriev, made a presentation on this section. He told about how the Central Bison nursery works in 2018 of its 70-year-old Jubilee, what achievements it is proud of, what problems it faces and what plans it has for the future. A special place in the report of E. Grigoriev took a story about genetic studies currently being conducted in the Central Bison nursery. They involve the world’s leading experts in the field of genetics and bison breeding not only from Russia, but also from Poland and Belarus. Big plans for the nursery and for the replenishment of free bison herds – its employees are preparing for new deliveries of bisons to the protected areas of Central Russia.

The “Save the Planet Together” forum lasted until November 18. Its program includes thematic sections, the EcoObraz film assembly, master classes, exhibitions, excursions, a stamp cancellation ceremony, awarding the winners of regional art competitions on environmental topics and other events.