Lessons from the reserve — better than regular lessons

Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve continues to conduct educational activities dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the formation of a biosphere reserve.
On Thursday, March 14th, our employees came with an interesting program to the secondary school in the village of Dashkоvka. This village is located very close to the reserve, so, probably, all students have already visited us on excursions and have seen bison.

Now they have learned what biosphere reserves are, their zone of cooperation, and what an important task of nature conservation they carry out. It is also always a pleasure to once again hear the story about the history of the reserve and the Central Bison nursery located on its territory.

After the introductory part of the demanding public — the students of the 5 «g» class was shown a documentary. Even very interesting educational films at such a young age quickly tire, but we know that the best rest is a change of activity!

Naturally, no one refused to take part in the quiz, the children showed excellent knowledge of animals and plants. One student knew just everything! Having improved marks for behavior, having worked on assiduity, he will probably become a gold medalist in the near future!

At parting, all the guys were given souvenirs. If they suddenly forget something from the presented program — we are always happy to remind you on an excursion in the Prioksko-Terrasny State Biosphere Reserve.