Last year’s snow was falling

The New Year is just around the corner and the holiday fuss is beginning to take hold of us more and more.

You need to buy gifts, set the table and, of course, decorate the apartment. The last task is very important – snowflakes on the window, a garland on the chandelier and the main thing – to dress up a Christmas tree! Toys, lights, stars get from the mezzanine! And the whole family, rejoicing, helping and interfering with each other, hangs decorations on the branches of a forest beauty.
In some men, during this magical time, an ancient hunter-getter suddenly wakes up deep in his soul. Forgetting that it’s been the 21st century outside, he takes an ax, and as his great-grandfathers bequeathed, he goes to the forest for a Christmas tree. Here the tale ends and the procedural troubles begin, described in the administrative code of offenses. Our ancestors may have never met this, and never knew.

To convince people to buy the main attribute of the new year, and not get it in the forest with a risk to nerves and a wallet, we give a message from the protection department of the Prioksko-Terrasny State Nature Reserve. It does not sound in a festive manner. But in one paragraph, it succinctly describes all the penalties provided for cutting trees:
“… Illegal felling of forest stands in a specially protected natural area is an administrative offense. The perpetrators of logging are facing an administrative fine with confiscation of the instruments for committing an administrative offense, as well as a claim for damages caused to the forest fund. The punishment for citizens for the commission of the specified offense is 3,000 rubles. Payment of a fine does not exempt from compensation for damage caused to the forest fund. One tree with a diameter of less than 15 centimeters is estimated at 2.6 thousand rubles. Total felled tree will cost 5-6 thousand rubles. The damage is multiplied if the tree was cut down in a specially protected natural area, for example, in a nature reserve. The management of the reserve is also obliged to inform the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation about each fact of detecting illegal logging of forest stands, according to No. 15-53 / 30564 of 12/05/2019. In order to identify and suppress illegal actions of citizens on New Year’s days, the duty schedule of state inspectors of the reserve was approved. ”
We urge everyone – do not spoil your holiday mood, do not harm nature and just buy a beautiful Christmas tree in a certified market! There the Christmas trees are right, grown specially for the holiday and uplifting.

All the best to you in the New Year, more warmth, family comfort and less bad emotions!