Knowledge — force

On a warm day on October 12th, on Friday, the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve received rare guests who come to us once a year. The Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region, together with the travel company Ankor, with the support of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, conducted an informational and familiarization tour of tourist sites in the Moscow region, which are in comfortable accessibility from the capital.
This is an annual event to which representatives of leading travel companies are invited. And in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve there are objects that will interest everyone!

The sun was shining, nature was supportive and 40 representatives of tourist organizations of Moscow, Tula regions, Moscow, Tula, Ufa and Bryansk, could, without haste, go on an excursion to the Central bison nursery.

Bison were already waiting for the guests, came close to the fence and gave visitors plenty to admire themselves. This is an unforgettable sight – powerful animals in conditions as close as possible to the natural.

Only here the buffalo, the closest relatives of the bison, took refuge in their vast territory, not wanting to show up.

At the Museum of Nature, the guests became acquainted with the history of the creation of the reserve, and learned what rare species of animals and plants live in it.

Of great interest was the ecological rope trail “Through the Foliage”, where at an altitude of 8 meters, among the crowns of huge trees, one can get acquainted with a reserved forest.

Pleasant discoveries for our guests were combined on this trip with a business discussion of operational booking and excursions. Indeed, in the near future we have to work closely together.