International Sun Day


Sun Day has been organized annually on a voluntary basis by the International Solar Energy Society – Europe since 1994.  

The purpose of the celebration is to attract the attention of the public to the opportunities presented by sustainable energy sources and their use for the solutions of ecological problems. The sun, wind, waves and biomass are energy sources, which constantly surround us and are available for use.

The sun is one of the safest ecological energy sources, that does not pollute the environment and the opportunities for practical application of which are limitless. It is impressive that the sun gives the Earth  80 thousand billion kilowatt per second, which is a few times more than all power stations in the world. One square meter of the sun emits 62 900 energy kilowatt which roughly equals the power of a billion electricity bulbs.

The use of solar power has lately become very popular. According to the data of the Institute of the Energy Strategy, the theoretical potential of the solar energy industry is over 2300 billion tons of reference fuel. While the potential of solar energy our country receives just for three days exceeds a year of electrical production.

Maximizing the use of solar technologies, most countries could reduce their dependency on electricity produced from fossil fuels. This change in energy industry could significantly improve the level of environmental pollution in the world.