International Day for Disaster Reduction


International Day for Disaster Reduction was announced by the UN General Assembly Resolution № 44/236 of December 22, 1989 in the framework of the International Decade of Disaster Reduction – 1990-1999.

International Day of Disaster Reduction is called to help to form the global culture of disaster reduction including the prevention of natural disasters, mitigation of their consequences and providing preparation for them. The international strategy for disaster reduction is aimed at making the public aware of how important the mission of prevention is, as well as educating the population and communities that are more likely to be affected by natural, ecological or anthropogenic disasters, regarding the available resources of preventing the dangers from growing into catastrophes.

The number of people suffering from earthquakes, cyclones, floods and droughts is rapidly growing. On average 184 people die every day as a result of natural disasters. According to the forecasts, the toll of victims will continue to grow due to urbanization and climate change. Millions of lives can be saved, if the governments do more to prevent and reduce the risk of a disaster. Russian System of Prevention and Response to ES is responsible for these actions in our country.