International Bird Day

The first spring holiday took place in the reserve.«From the blue sea, from the warm land, under the sun, under the stars, in the dark,
Bird flock stubbornly flew to his native land.
And here, laughing and playing, the wave of hot rays flows from the sun,
And we, of course, understand — for all the signs — spring has come!»

With these verses, on March 26, an event dedicated to the International Bird Day, organized jointly with the Center for out-of-class work with schoolchildren, began in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. More than 60 people took part in the celebration — middle school students, their parents and teachers arrived from the nearest schools. In the hall where the event was held, it was decorated with an exhibition of schoolchildren’s handicrafts for the competition «European turtle dove — the Bird of the Year 2019». In addition, a photo exhibition «Birds of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve» was placed there.

Svetlana Rodionova, Deputy Director of the Reserve for Tourism and Development, made a welcoming speech.
A pleasant surprise of the event was four «Birds», who arrived on a visit to schoolchildren — children in magpie, sparrow, tit and turtle dove costumes.

The holiday program was intense — educational games, puzzles and quizzes replaced each other. The game «Draw a bird with eyes closed» greatly amused both children and adults who helped them with advice.

Everyone liked the game «Changelings» in which children, by the distorted name, guessed the correct name of the birds on the computer screen.

At the end of the program, four «birds» appeared again in front of the participants and, in verse, thanked everyone for their help to the feathered past severe winter.

What a holiday without gifts and awards?! The representative of the Center for out-of-class work with schoolchildren, Lyubov Tikhanova, presented the winners with diplomas and gifts, and then for the children and their parents, excursions to the Central Bison Nursery were organized.

All participants were very pleased and grateful to the staff of the reserve for organizing the spring holiday.