International Bats Night


Since 1997, the night in between 20-21 of September is celebrated in more than 30 countries as one of the most unusual environmental events – the International Bats Night. It is believed that after the day of the autumnal equinox bats begin to look for a place of hibernation, and at this time they are in need of enhanced protection.

The agreement on the Conservation of European bat populations (Eurobats) came into force in 1994 with its purpose to protect 52 species of bats that live in Europe. In Russia, the first International Bats Night was held in 2003.

Today, many species of bats are on the verge of extinction. The problem has become particularly urgent in recent decades, due to the felling of hollow trees (it is in the hollows where the majority of these animals find shelter), use of various chemicals (bats die after eating “poisoned” insects) and persecution by humans simply out of their illiteracy and prejudices.

These days are devoted to lectures, exhibitions, workshops on the protection of animals. At the festive night excursions are organized, during which in forests special hollow-houses are hung around, so that you can see these secretive animals. Through educational and environmental programs people learn about the peculiarities of lives of these nocturnal mammals and dispel unjustified superstitious fear associated with the myths about vampires.