I International Phenological School-Seminar 2018 “Chronicle of the Nature of Russia: Phenology” in the Central Forest Reserve

August 13, 2018 on the basis of the Central Forest State Biosphere Reserve began its work the 1st international phenological school-seminar 2018 “Chronicle of the Nature of Russia: Phenology.”

Phenological observations are an extremely important part of scientific research of each nature reserve, the most true and obvious indicator of changes occurring in nature. New knowledge obtained in the course of phenological studies is extremely important for both theoretical science and practical application in a wide range of spheres of life.

Together with representatives of about 30 reserves, national parks, institutes and botanical gardens of Russia, the staff of the Prioksko-Terrasniy Zapovednik, Yury Buyvolov, deputy director for research, Vladimir Blagushin, research assistant and research assistant Galina Sokolova, took part in the seminar.

The work of the school-seminar was opened by the director of the Central-Forest State Reserve N.A. Potemkin. The chairman of the organizing committee of the school-seminar, representatives of the Public Russian Ecological Academy and the Russian Geographical Society (RGO) made a welcoming speech. Minin AA spoke on behalf of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow. and Garmash A.O.

During the first day of the school-seminar, to begin with, participants introduced a state-of-the-art phenological study in Russia. The reports were related to the current state of phenological research, the main trends and directions of research.

All were very pleased with the participation in the seminar of representatives from far and near abroad. Presentations were made by representatives from Spain, Germany and Kazakhstan.

During the first day of the school-seminar, participants listened to 17 reports, got an idea about the current state of phenological observations, the main problems in this area, discussed methods for solving these problems and the main directions of development.

At the end of the first day of the school-seminar, in the evening of the participants there was a welcome dinner and a hot bath.