How We Deal With The Trespassers

On a regular patrol check of the reserve Alexander Gavrikov, a local police officer, with two other inspectors arrested a married couple cycling on the territory of the reserve without a permit.

Normally tourists are allowed to walk on the reserve premises, however they must be a part of a guided group to the Bison Breeding Centre. The rest is considered to be an illegal trespassing. The legal penalty for disturbance of regime and laws of specially protected natural areas is defined by the Russian Penal Code and the Administrative Violations Code.

A protocol was drawn up according to the current laws. The tourists refused to sign it, however this didn’t play a large part in the case as two other inspectors signed as witnesses. Besides, the inspector could confiscate the trespassers’ bikes (that could be any vehicle on which they committed a crime), if they refused to provide their IDs. What’s more the violators could even have been taken to the police station.

The case hearing was scheduled to May,30. However, the unlucky tourists didn’t appear, even though giving enough objective reasoning for their action would help them avoid the fine (3000-4000 rubles). In this case the enactment and the fine were sent by mail. They have a month to pay it off, if they don’t the documents are going to be filed to the bailiffs.

Dura lex, sed lex and one shouldn’t break it.