Heat is not a hindrance for volunteers!

From the early morning of Saturday, June 8, there was a terrible heat!
But if a volunteer day was planned in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, something much more substantial is needed to cancel it. And cataclysms like tornadoes or volcanic eruptions were not planned in the near future.

An organized group of volunteers from the Central Russian Bank Sberbank of Russia came to us. And also our regular volunteers from Moscow, Chekhov, Tula and the tourist club “Sredizemie”. At work, everyone quickly became acquainted.
Volunteers work on the territory of the central manor of the reserve, where the planned replacement of water pipes is now taking place. In this regard, there are many practical tasks that need to be quickly addressed in order to minimize temporary inconvenience.

Work tried to finish faster, because the sun entered the zenith and it was quite difficult to be on the street. Hiding in a cool room, everyone rested, talked and drank tea. When the forces returned a little, our friends went on a traditional excursion to the Central Bison nursery.
At this moment, the treacherous nature gave the reserve a powerful summer rainstorm! The first heavy drops of rain caused joy and enthusiasm, but when the rain fell by the wall, the guys had to run for shelter. And bison indulgently glanced at the two-legs rushing along the paths and enjoyed a cool shower.

On this adventure ended and went into the category of pleasant memories. The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is grateful to the volunteers for their help and hopes for new meetings in the future!