Haymaking time is over

In the Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve, hay for the winter is fully harvested.
The previously cut grass was pressed into bales weighing up to 200 kilograms each. In total, 90 tons of fragrant, quality hay are harvested. In our nursery, there is an excellent storage for feed, built with the help of our volunteer assistants – volunteers from Gazprom, so that for the safety of the hay you do not have to worry.
Harvesting of hay for feeding bison in winter was held in dry, sunny weather, although occasionally rainy days prevented haymaking.

It has long been held in our region that haymaking should begin after July 12, at the church feast of Peter and Paul. By this time of summer the grass has already “stood up”, gained useful trace elements, became juicy and sweet. This is the best feed for rustic livestock. In the meadows in these days, fresh fragrant haystacks appeared, the ready-made hay fell on the farmers for the winter.

“What summer, such is hay,” say the people. But in our reserve in haymaking areas hay is always excellent, regardless of the vagaries of the weather. For the preparation of hay for the bison in the reserve are allocated plots in the floodplain of the Oka River, Semenovskaya, Rodnikova and Campfire. Every year, Dales are wiped out.

Hay is famous for herbs – this is the most nutritious and useful food for bison in the winter. Employees reserve chose all possible days for mowing, trying to use literally all the “windows” of warm sunny weather, and by August 1, the procurement company was completed.

The results of haymaking delight both bison and our employees: all worked to fame, with such a food animal no frosts are frightening!