Have a nice time visiting a “Good Beaver Evening”!

On August 24, our employees took part in the event of the Voronezh Nature Reserve “Good Beaver Evening”.
Representatives from the venue were attended by colleagues from several specially protected natural areas: Prioksko-Terrasny, Khopersky and Komandorsky reserves, as well as the Ugra National Park.

The festive event unfolded on the territory of the Beaver Town. A fair of folk craftsmen worked here, exhibitions of Voronezh artists and tourist equipment were held, and in the arbor “Smart Tea” one could talk on a variety of topics. A warm, friendly atmosphere with a soft dome enveloped the guests present. People who love and value nature come to such events. And among like-minded people it’s always good to be.

Each visitor was able to find something to his interest: the kids collected puzzles on the grass and participated in reserve master classes, the older children tried their hand at various quizzes and competitions, lovers of walks went on an original tour of the ecological trails. The cozy photo zone was particularly successful: a whole line of people who wished to sit in an armchair with a book among the candles was lined up.

The employees of our reserve also came not empty-handed. Joyful kids were happy to paint gypsum animal figures and race to collect images of bison and buffalo. And life-size bison dolls were greeted with enthusiasm by all the guests. So big, warm and incredibly soft – they danced, hugged and, of course, took pictures with everyone.

“Your bison are the best,” the young guest of the event, Dima from Usmani, told us smiling. “I couldn’t even imagine that I would be able to meet bison when visiting beavers.” I’ll definitely come to visit you!”

With the onset of darkness, an open-air cinema began to operate. The performance of the animal photographer Vinze Balint caused a standing ovation – the Hungarian photographer showed pictures of beavers. All shots were taken in close proximity to the nuclear power plant. “Many people are mistaken in claiming that nuclear power plants are destroying nature,” commented Vince Balint. – In fact, they are one of the ideal places for the development and protection of populations of animals and plants. Confirmation of this is my photographs, which prove in the best possible way that next to the huge atomic plant that has been operating for more than 30 years, the plant and animal world coexists well, many of which are listed in the Red Book.”

The event ended with an open-air show of our amazing film “4 Seasons of the Prioksky Forest”.
I would like to say a big thank you to the organizer of Beaver Evening. We hope that cooperation and friendly meetings will continue!