Good brings together

“DaDobro” — a company that does a lot of good deeds — unites, organizes and helps, visited the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve.
“DaDobro” and this time managed to unite those who wanted to help the reserve. Last Sunday, volunteers from various organizations took part in the workdays of the reserve.

The strongest volunteers were entrusted with laborious work: men were engaged in dismantling the old fence from the corrals, cleaned large fallen branches in the corral of the blind female bison Mugdalena, painted fences in corrals and outbuildings.

For women, the work was more exciting, also very responsible: they made brooms from willow branches. On cold winter days, willow bouquets will be a wonderful treat for bison. The secret of friendly and well-coordinated work was simple: the girls worked not in silence, but under the fascinating story of our employee about the life of bison. The children were not left without work either — the children were instructed to collect fallen acorns for treating bison.

Three hours of working time passed unnoticed and interesting and, as usual, ended with a full tour of the nursery. At the entrance of our assistants, two bison families met in turn: the male Murakami with his females and children, on the one hand, and the male Muchadr, also in full family, on the other. The guests witnessed a rare scene — in the bison family, the male Mavriliy courted one of the females.

After a traditional tea party, volunteers visited the “Through the Foliage” ecological trail. Impressions of the pleasure are unforgettable!
We say: “Thank you so much!” And look forward to new meetings in our reserve!