Four Seasons of Prioksky Forest: Online First Showing!

The documentary about our reserve was made by Film Director Mikhail Rodionov.

Today anyone can visit our reserve and discover all the details of its flora and fauna by just watching the film Four Seasons of Prioksky Forest. The team worked whole year filming the life of the reserve and its inhabitants. As a result of this work they had a huge amount of videos – more than 90 hours! All these materials were then transformed into 43-minute-long film, which shows all the four seasons, depicted through the life of wild nature.

Nature of Moscow Region is not very bright. We do not have any smoking volcanoes, picturesque coastal rocks or large numbers of species from the Red Data Book. But the cameramen of the team managed to seize its special tender and delicate beauty. It was not at all easy to film the wild inhabitants of the reserve, but that is what makes the film full of unique shootings of animals – some of which are very timid and their life is hidden from people. The film shows the love of its authors towards wild nature. The consultants of our Scientific Department helped a lot to make the film scientifically accurate and true to facts.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mikhail Rodionov and to the whole film crew for their work. And we wish a pleasant viewing to everybody interested in wild nature!