For 70 years we have been keeping the gene pool of Russian bison

In 2018, the Central Bison Nursery Prioksko-Terrasnoy Reserve celebrates 70 years.

Everyone who, at least once in his life, sees near the mighty bison, will forever remember the amazing charm of this forest giant, the wise shine of his big dark eyes. Bison moves surprisingly easily and swiftly despite its huge size. From the bison comes a living heat, a frosty winter forest, in which a herd of bisons grazes, it seems not so cold. Bison is a symbol of the ancient power of Nature, a memory of the lost glory of Europe’s forests. In ancient peoples, the Bison was considered sacred, a symbol of diligence and vitality.

Now the world population of bison is approaching 7 000, and this animal can be seen not only in the nursery but also in the wild. We can genuinely be surprised at how scientists managed to save this species, which completely disappeared in the wild, to recreate its genetic stability, to make it possible again to release bisons into the forests for freedom.
It would be impossible without a huge work, which has no analogues in the world, which was done here in the Prioksko-Terrasniy Reserve. Central bison Nursery throughout its 70-year history stores the gene pool of bison.
The history of the Central Bison Nursery is a story of great diligence, fidelity to one’s business, persistence in overcoming difficulties. This is the story of a noble service to the preservation of Nature, the return to it of animals that were once destroyed by human greed and indifference.
About all the people who built our Nursery, worked with our animals, studied them, supported our work, about different stages in the history of the Central Bison Nursery, about the life and destinies of our most famous bison read on our website in a series of articles dedicated to the remarkable Jubilee – the anniversary of the Central Bison Nursery of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve!