Flora and Fauna Day

International Day for Biological Diversity used to be celebrated on December 29 in compliance with the decision of 49th session of the UN General Assembly in 1995. In 2000 the Conference of the Parties to the Convention recommended to change the date to May 22 to attract more attention to the event. In Russia this holiday got its second name – Flora and Fauna Day, and is still celebrated on December 29.

Flora and Fauna Day is another reason to draw the attention of humanity to the necessity of protecting the biological diversity of the planet, as well as to raise the sense of responsibility for everything surrounding us.

For the last century the process of ecosystems destruction has ramped up rapidly. While researching the current state of plant gene pool, the first issue facing the experts is the loss of flora biological diversity on the planet, especially in densely-populated countries. In fact, the process becomes even more intense year after year. According to the experts’ estimate, from 10 to 17% of wildlife objects are currently under a significant threat.

The environment is a combination of natural conditions for existence of all living beings, it is a complex integrated and self-regulated system. All its components occupy their rightful places and perform their own functions. There is no good and no bad. And that is the power of nature, and together with it, the power of man!