Feed the birds!

Birds definitely need to be fed in winter. This is something we know from childhood, but cannot even imagine how many of the feathered die from hunger every winter. In snowy and frosty winter, they are doomed.

Annual campaign «Feed the birds!» is carried out from November 12 till April 1 in order to facilitate them during the wintering period, and increase the population’s level of environmental activity.

Feeding the birds, we solve several environmental problems.

  • One bird table saves up to 50 titmice from death over the winter.
  • One titmouse saves up to 10 trees from pests per season.
  • One small tree provides oxygen enough for three people.

Feeding birds is a simple way to show the human attitude and become kinder. However, it must be noted that once you come to feed the birds, then it should be done regularly, in proportion to fodder consumption. Otherwise, you may kill birds accustomed to feeding.

Take part in the «Feed the birds!» campaign:  hang a bird table near your house and watch the feathered guests. You will not regret!