Elbrus, volunteers and beets

Saturday, October 20th, pleased our reserve with a bright sun and lack of rain. In the morning, volunteers from all over the Moscow region gathered in the Central Estate of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.
An organized group of students arrived “Gubernsky College” from Serpukhov. Total 37 people arrived.

There was enough for everyone. Volunteers helped to unload the truck with 7 tons of beets, for feeding bison in the winter. Our volunteers also collected acorns and cleaned the nursery tracks.

The vegetable storage, where beets were stored, was whitewashed and put in order by volunteers in the summer. In the works, several hours flew by like an instant, but tiredness suggested that it was time to rest.

However, good weather and friendly atmosphere made us forget about fatigue. The volunteer girls, in spite of everything, had fun, took selfies on brooms, jumped up, trying to achieve the effect of flight in the frame.

For the volunteers, they conducted a tour of the bison nursery and the Museum of Nature, and drank tea. Then everyone visited the ecological path “Through the foliage”.

Participants of the volunteer event were traditionally presented with commemorative bracelets and pins. Our permanent volunteer, Maria Lomakina, showed a photo of our volunteer bracelet, which, no less, visited the top of Mount Elbrus.

That ended another volunteer day. It was nice to meet friends, those who come to us constantly, as well as new assistants.
We hope we will meet again and again!
Thank you all and see you soon!