Ecologist’s Day


Ecologist’s Day is celebrated annually on June 5 on the World Environment Day. This day was established on December 15, 1972 by the initiative of the UN General Assembly. This date was chosen on purpose. On June 5, 1972 the special UN conference on the issues of the environment was first held.

The condition of the environment is directly proportional to human activity, the results of which often cause an irreparable damage to nature and bear a bitter legacy for future generations. The aim of the celebration is to draw the attention to the problems of ecology and the state of environmental security in the world.

Here are some facts that everybody should know:

  • The amount of carbon dioxide, produced by an average car in a year, equals the weight of the car itself;
  • The vehicles’ emissions include 280 different hazardous substances;
  • Every year 11 million hectares of rainforest are wiped out from the face of the earth, which is 10 times more than the rate of forest restoration;
  • The number of cities, which exceed the World Health Organization pollution standards, is over 50%;
  • 36 million of Russian citizens live in the cities where the level of air pollution 10 times exceeds the sanitary regulations. An average metropolis citizen inhales about 48 kg of different carcinogenic substances every year;
  • The number of cities with a million-plus population is growing: at the beginning of the 19th there were 4; in 1920 – 25; in 1960 – 140; now – about 300.

In Russia, the work on ecological compliance has begun on a new scale since the decision was made to announce 2017 as a Year of Ecology and the 100-year anniversary of the system of specially protected natural areas. From that moment on, the new amendments to the Federal Law “On Waste” in the part of the regulation of the process of the waste emission and release in the air or water objects come into power. This law is going to motivate industries to use the best technologies available today to cause the least harm to nature as possible.

Ecologist’s Day is also a professional holiday for all the employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, the departments of natural resources management and other state, public and private environmental organizations. This day is usually marked by a lot of environmentally-themed events such as conferences, discussion tables, forums and presentations. By the joint effort of public and environmental organizations, such events as children drawing exhibitions, parks cleanups, tree planting and other actions, aimed at attracting the attention of the public to the problems of the environment and its protection, are organized.