Ecological Litter Pick Event to Take Place in All Parts of Russia on April 22, 2017

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy sent a telegram to the heads of different regions of Russia asking to promote the all-Russian ecological litter pick, which is organized to improve ecological situation in towns and suburbs.

This telegram underlines, that the litter pick event can be called one of the most popular ecological events in modern history of the Russian Federation. «During the Year of Ecology it is particularly important to unite our efforts in creating a day-to-day ecological culture,» said S. Donskoy.

Special Presidential Envoy for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergey Ivanov, Minister of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy, heads of different regions of Russia – all will take part in the upcoming event. In the majority of regions litter pick will involve regional departments of Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage, Federal Water Resources Agency, Federal Forestry Agency, regional and local authorities, volunteers from Federal Patriotic Center, students and schoolchildren. The participants will clean shores and banks of water features, city beaches, parks and suburbs of rural areas.  The main venue for the event in Moscow and Moscow region is Losiny Ostrov National Park.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve will organize a holiday to celebrate the beginning of our volunteering season. Together with other guests we invited representatives of tourist agencies to tell them about our capacities to organize excursions and educational ecological events.