Double joy for the buffalo family

In our Central Bison Nursery a new addition! Two babies were born in a buffalo family

Anyone who at least once visited the excursion to our Central Bison Nursery, and even listened to the guide at least a bit, he, even when awakened in the middle of the night, will easily answer the question – when will the cubs be born at the bison? Without thinking twice, he will answer – the babies are born in May and June! And the breeding season takes place about nine months earlier, in September-October.

In the Central Bison Nursery of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, in addition to bison, there is one buffalo family group. Because buffalo are the closest relatives of bison, these vital periods in these animals coincide. This year, as well as it is necessary on terms, at buffalo there was a replenishment.
Two small red calves were born on May 9 and 12. Babies – and these are two females, were immediately hidden by vigilant parents away from the eyes of people – passing by the corral of tourists and workers of the nursery. But after a short period of time, the buffaloes calmed down and stopped hiding their babies. Then the specialists of the nursery managed to see that both calves are girls.
Proud mothers – Mastra and Marie, together with the father of the buffalo family Mavrily, waiting for their time and making sure that their little ones are not threatened, now can calmly rest in the shade of trees next to the trough and the stove, sleepily looking after the small red-haired kids. I must say, Marie deserves special attention – this is a very old female, born in 1999! She is already nineteen years old, nevertheless, this year she has again replenishment.

Small buffalos still do not have nicknames, but if you suddenly want to give them names, it’s easy to do, because in our reserve since 2004 the program “Adopt a bison” (for buffalos it is also relevant). If you pay 50 thousand rubles, this is the approximate amount of keeping one animal in the nursery for one year, you will get the right to give the baby a nickname and visit him at any time. Small buffalo waiting for their new names and foster parents, and the Central Bison Nursery is waiting for new tourists.