Don’t Count Your Hazel Hens Before They Are Hatched

The Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik prepares to count gallinaceous birds one more time.

In Moscow region we can find different gallinaceous or galliformes birds, such as the common partridge, hazel hen, black grouse and wood grouse. Every one of these species lives on the territory of the reserve. The species are scarce in Moscow region. They are hunted and they experience negative influence of unfavorable weather conditions, scarce food sources and reduction of suitable habitats. Another negative factor is boar population, which ruins the on-land nests of these birds. That is why it is so important to monitor population state and numbers of this group of birds.


Such monitoring is usually organized in autumn, when young birds have already taken their first flights, leaves of shrubs and trees have fallen down and the forest is rather transparent. The specialists follow the route and register every galliformes bird in the area of 50 meters on the left and right sides. Before the start of the upcoming autumn galliformes monitoring our Ornithologist Ilya Murashev organized an educational seminar with the specialists of Forest Protection Department and Ecological Education Department.