Do roe deer play catch-up?

On July 24, during a planned trip to the reserve, researchers from the scientific department met a pair of roe deer.
Despite the not very pleasant weather, established recently, the forest was very open and friendly.
Flowers Ivan-da-Marya still bloom. Bright red spots of mountain ash and viburnum burn everywhere. The rains that lasted the last week, as if they washed the forest, cleaned it, freed it, for the last summer month of August.
But the rains are over and everything is happy in the forest. Even the roe deer we met on the glade look content and play freely around the bales of freshly cut hay, as if playing catch-up.
On the video, young roe deer are male and female, carelessly running around one another and not at all afraid of observers. It seems that the animals still understand that they are in a protected forest and whose people they see will not cause them harm.
Roe deer were released in the reserve in 1950 and 1954. Then there were only 12 of them, they did not leave the place of release and began to multiply actively. Now on the territory of the reserve, roe deer as a species are common and numerous.
In summer, in our protected forests, habitat conditions are favorable for roe deer, due to the diversity of vegetation. Summer food is abundant and protective conditions are good enough. Favorite species of arboreal and shrubby vegetation for roe deer: bircar warty, adolescent oak, mountain ash, honeysuckle, bird cherry, hazel.