Digest September 2022

Generous assistance to the Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve was provided by two well-known companies: GRASS, a Russian manufacturer of professional car care products and detergents for the cleaning business, in partnership with Magnit, one of the leading food retailers in Russia. A large-scale tree-planting campaign was held on September 17 in Prioksko-Terrasniy Reserve. About 500 linden and oak seedlings were purchased and delivered in advance to the Central Bison Nursery by the initiators of the event. Andrei Skrypnik, the GRASS sustainability manager: “GRASS is aware of its influence on the environment, because millions of people all over the world use the company’s products. Sustainability means developing society without harming future generations. GRASS is aligned with the global sustainability agenda and adheres to environmental principles in its operations. One of the first pens created in the Central Bison Nursery was chosen as the place for planting the seedlings. Three sites were set aside for the restoration of trees and fenced off from the bison passages.  The good intention was implemented by 60 employees of the partner companies with direct participation of the reserve specialists. The corporate volunteers were divided into 3 groups. Following clear instructions given to them by the nursery workers, rows of young trees sprang up as if by magic, to grow and serve the cause of conserving and restoring the bison. Natalia Shpilenok, Deputy Director for Environmental Education, Development and Tourism of Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve: “We are glad that such socially responsible companies are directly involved in the life of the Central Bison Nursery and its inhabitants. Today’s event is an opportunity for us to show our love for animals through concrete actions and to realize our desire to preserve the diversity of the animal world. Many people associate the Reserve with the European bison, which have been recovered at the Central European Bison Nursery for almost 75 years. The animals are kept there in conditions as close to free-roaming as possible. The bison live in large pens where the proportion between the pastures and the forest is maintained. This way the animals get a balanced nutrition based not only on grass but also on branches and leaves. Victor Pererva, Senior Researcher at FSBI Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve: “Planting has always been carried out in the nursery with enviable regularity. We used to plant willow to create a forage base. And we fenced off forage plantations so that animals would not eat young trees. Their shoots and bark are a delicacy for the bison. A few years later, when we took down the fences and allowed the animals to enter the plantations, we saw that everything was devoured in a very short time. Now the decision has been made to act differently.” The natural habitat of the bison is broad-leaved forests with oak groves, linden and birch groves. These trees grow on the territory of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, which was one of the reasons for establishing the Central Bison Nursery here. Since 1948 up to the present time the pens have been continuously used for keeping the bison. As a result of their vital activity, the animals have an impact on the trees growing on the territory of the bison nursery. Therefore, the goal of today’s event is reforestation. Andrey Stefutin, Deputy Director for Bison Husbandry and Breeding at Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve: “Today’s event is unprecedented and is being held for the first time. The young trees we planted are fenced off from the bison. It will take at least 7-8 years for the saplings to grow up and get stronger before the animals can approach them. Of course, the lower tier of branches, which is up to 2 meters high, will be eaten. But since the plants will be about 10 years old by then, the bison won’t do much damage to the bark and trees. We hope that the trees planted today will grow and replace the current ones, which will fall out naturally from old age after a few decades. We will be watching the seedlings grow and will definitely continue reforestation work in other pens of the Central Bison Nursery. We thank the partners of the event and believe in continued cooperation. Sergey Nesterov, director of branch Moscow 4: “Our company is happy to support nature conservation projects. Living in harmony with nature is our goal. And by participating in such events, we bring it to life with our actions. We wish the Prioksko-Terrasniy Nature Reserve prosperity and for the bison to become a typical species of Russian forests.

For many years now, the Prioksko-Terrasniy Nature Reserve has been running the “Trunk of Kindness” campaign, in which anyone can take part. The main idea of the campaign is to involve as many people as possible in active participation in the life of the Central Bison Nursery and its inhabitants and to form a conscious and caring attitude toward nature. At the beginning of the academic year, a bell rang in the environmental education department of the Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve. We were approached by the director of Moscow school №19 named after Roman Katasonov. During the conversation Lyubov Vladimirovna told us about the desire of teachers and students to take part in the action of the reserve and treat the bison with succulent fodder. Today our ecological expedition has gone to school for gifts. At a meeting with representatives of the school administration, employees of the reserve told the pupils the latest news from the Central Bison Nursery, answered all their questions, revealed the secret of the animals’ love for apples and carrots and thanked everyone for taking part in the campaign. Lyubov Vladimirovna, school director of school № 19: “In our school last year we had a volunteer team and many students have become active participants. This new school year we decided to start with good deeds. Our high school students offered to take part in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve’s Trunk of Goodness campaign. We collected apples, carrots, zucchini – everything that can be used to feed the bison. Children from first through eleventh grades took part in the campaign. We are a young school and are just establishing our own traditions; this was the first time we collected gifts for the bison. I think we will continue to work with the reserve in the future.

Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve announces the start of the contest “Making Birdfeeders”. The contest is held annually by the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve within the framework of the All-Russian campaign “Feed the birds in winter”. It will run from September 21, 2022 to January 20, 2023. The contest includes two nominations: “Eco-feeder for birds” – a feeder made by hand only from natural materials: edible feeder, feeder made of wood, twigs, cones, etc. “Miracle Bird Feeder” – the most beautiful and original bird feeder. According to the results of open voting on the website, the work that gets more votes will be awarded a special diploma “People’s Choice Award”.

The Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve announces a campaign – “Going to Nature in silence”! This Sunday, September 25th, we offer you to give up your own transport for one day and come to the reserve ecologically: by train, bicycle, bus or cab. Apart from our sincere “THANK YOU” we promise to make a pleasant surprise for everyone who responds – a free ticket for the trail “Through the foliage”. Come to the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve on Sunday, September 25. Go to the ticket office and say, “I am participating in Car Free Day.” Confirm the fact that you are traveling by public transportation. To do this: If you took public transportation (train or bus) – keep receipts confirming the trip. If you arrived by cab – take a picture of yourself without leaving the car in front of the Central Manor. If you’re a cyclist – show your bicycle to the ticket office. Get a free ticket for the “Through the Leaves” environmental trail! Natalia Shpilenok, Deputy Director for ecological education, development and tourism of Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve, notes: “Cars have become an integral part of modern man’s life and the biosphere experiences anthropogenic pressure that increases every year. Our campaign is aimed to remind the society that there are alternatives to personal transport causing less harm to the nature and the people. We invite everyone to take part in the Car Free Day. And even if you have not planned a trip to the Reserve, please refrain from using a car on this day”. P.S.: The Reserve campaign is timed to coincide with the World Carfree Day, which in 2022 will be observed on September 22.  Absolutely everyone is offered to give up using private transport for at least one day. Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve supports the campaign and invites visitors to support this “green” initiative! We are waiting for you!

FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” joined a large-scale environmental action – the All-Russian Cleanup Day “Green Russia”. In 2022 the subbotniks are held in all 85 regions of Russia, from September 3 to October 1 and the Reserve could not stay aside. On Saturday, 24 September, as part of the “Green Russia” National Subbotnik, a volunteer day was held at the Central Bison Nursery. Employees of TransneftElectrosetService LLC came to the park to help with reforestation efforts.  On this day in the Moscow region was expected to fall three quarters of the monthly norm of rainfall and the forecast came true! The rain did not stop for a minute – it was pounding monotonously on the raincoats and umbrellas, but the volunteers’ determination to make a good use of the day did not weaken for a second. Muzychenko Marina, leading specialist in tourism development: “The work was hard, in very difficult weather conditions. It is surprising that all planned was done qualitatively and quickly”. Despite all the difficulties, 150 linden and oak seedlings were planted by volunteers in the pen. Thanks to the abundant rainfall, the seedlings did not have to be watered! When the work was over, wet, but happy volunteers had hot tea and a hearty lunch. And a little later – the traditional excursion to the Central European bison nursery and Museum of Nature. Galina Danilova, head of the Human Resources Department of TransneftElectrosetService: “Employees together with children are actively involved in various volunteer projects. This is a great opportunity to work in the fresh air and improve their educational level”. We express our gratitude to the volunteers and look forward to seeing them next year.

FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” presented promising services for the new tourist season 2023. On September 28 the Reserve held an Open Doors Day for representatives of the tourism industry in Moscow and the Southern Moscow region. The guests enjoyed a rich program: an interactive tour with elements of the Quest “On the trail of the bison” in the Central Bison nursery, a visit to the ecological trail “Through the foliage” and the ecological park “Tree House”. Employees of the environmental education and educational tourism department of the Prioksko-Terrasny State Nature Reserve gave all the guests an opportunity to take part in new master classes entitled “A Shopper Bag with Reserve Symbols” and “Bison Panna”, while an employee of the science department led a new tour called “Touch Wildlife”. During the meeting there was a round table on topical issues. The topic of event tourism in specially protected natural areas aroused the greatest interest.  In addition, employees of the reserve were happy to share their rich experience of working with schoolchildren. The event ended with a friendly tea party, during which partners of the reserve from the Cossack farm told about their unique tourist product and had a tasting of pies made in the best traditions of the Russian stove cooking of the 18-19 centuries. Yana Milenina, the manager of the excursion department of the tourist company “Golden domes”: “Today I have visited the advertising tour and remained under great impression! I’ve been to the reserve many times, but today I discovered new and interesting information. I would like to thank all the staff for the organized event and wish the reserve prosperity and development of new routes. It’s very nice that the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is just 20 minutes from Serpukhov! I would like to bring here not only tourists, but my family and friends, as well as to return to this specially protected natural area as a participant in volunteer activities or expeditions. We will certainly inform about the launch and availability of new tourist products for all guests of the reserve. Stay tuned for more information.

Employees of the department of territory protection of FSBI Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve took part in a training seminar among state inspectors in the field of environmental protection of federal and regional specially protected natural areas. All the employees of the Department of Territory Protection of Prioksko-Terrasny State Nature Biosphere Reserve immediately put forward their candidacies. But the most athletic, agile and skillful ones went on a long trip to the border of Europe and Asia: Evgeny Sidorov, Viktor Monakhov, Ilya Ignatenko. Competitions were serious and with very strong opponents. The program of competition included 10 stages: shooting from an air rifle, passing obstacles on a log, building a fire and its suppression, pulling up, overcoming obstacles “spider web”, passage across the river on a narrow bridge, obstacle “snake”, first aid at a broken leg and transportation of the victim. Stages were difficult, but all participants successfully coped with them. Evgeny Sidorov, state inspector in the field of environmental protection: “It was very hard! We all gave 100%. Next year we’ll definitely come back here, we’ll practice in advance and the result will be much better – now we know what to prepare for! The winners were awarded diplomas, certificates and medals, and all participants – letters of thanks and souvenirs. But all without exception received a lot of positive emotions. Such events develop interaction between protected areas, exchange of experience and information between state inspectors of specially protected natural territories, promote a healthy lifestyle and increase professionalism in general.

On Monday, September 26, the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve received several dozen bags of apples and zucchini from the Center for Cultural Development in Pushchino. The autumn will be sweet and nourishing for the bison of the Central Bison Nursery. Thanks to the Center for Cultural Development for its help.




On the professional holiday – the Day of Tourism, Irina Pushkova, the chief ecological education specialist of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, received a letter of thanks from the Head of the Serpukhov Urban District. The rewarding took place on September, 30 during the festive event organized by administration of Serpukhov city district and Commercial and Industrial chamber with participation of Turgildy.




On Saturday October, 01 volunteers from DHL company, our old friends who come to us every year, came to help the reserve in its business affairs. By their efforts young plants were planted in the Central nursery of bison and the fences of the enclosures were painted.




Last week, the campaign “Let’s reduce our ecological footprints together” reached its finish line. Preschool and school institutions of Serpukhov joined the action. Through our joint efforts we collected about a ton of paper and cardboard and recyclable materials – PET bottles. Thanks to everyone who took part in the campaign!




FGBU Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve took part in the All-Russian scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Meshchera and Meshchersky national parks. Specialist of educational tourism Inna Sukhanova made a report on tourism development in protected areas and shared her experience with guides.




On Wednesday, September 28, Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve hosted guests. An advertising tour in the format of the Doors Open Day has been organized on the specially protected territory.





The employees of the territory protection department returned from a long business trip to Bashkiria. Three athletic and active participated in a training seminar.





On Friday September 30th the second season of the educational project “School of Reserved Friends” started. This year the students of the cycle of lectures will be the students of the State Educational Institution “Serpukhov College” in the specialty “Tourism”. By a good tradition, the classes will be held in the auditorium of the Central City Library. The first introductory lecture was held by Natalya Shpilenok, Deputy Director for Environmental Education, Development and Tourism.