Digest November 2023

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow volunteers

Volunteers always help the Prioksko-Terrasnaya Reserve in complicated economic affairs. However, there are tasks that are impossible to cope with without special training and specialists have to be called in. The Reserve is lucky to have someone to turn to in such situations. Installation and dismantling of me-tallic structures, high-altitude welding works – this is something that can be done only by our old friends and irreplaceable helpers from the Serpukhovskoye LPUMG, a branch of Gazprom transgaz Moscow. Last summer several powerful gusts of hurricane wind blew over the Central Bison Nursery, leaving behind fallen huge poplars. The bison ate the bark of the fallen trees with pleasure and lost interest in them, which meant that it was time to clear the enclosure of dead wood. Sawing down and removing these giants was a very difficult task, and it was Gazprom Transgaz Moscow employees who managed to accomplish it quickly, efficiently and safely.

Open volunteer day

On Saturday, November 18, an open volunteer day was held in the Reserve. Many selfless helpers responded to the invitation to participate. It was nice to meet many familiar faces, as some of the volunteers have been coming to the only reserve near Moscow for many years in a row. The work on the improvement of the Central Estate of the Reserve was greatly complicated by the frost, which froze the wet ground and turned it into stone. But despite the cold, everything planned was completed on time. Frozen and ruddy volunteers were characterized by excellent mood and appetite, which is not surprising, since this time there were an unusually large number of young people among those who came. It is a pity that the daylight hours are short in November, and the trains back to Moscow and Tula run independently of the events in Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik. Many thanks to all the volunteers who are willing to spend their weekends on a long journey and physical work.

Golden Tortoise

On Saturday, November 18, specialists of FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” took part in the 17th International Wildlife Festival “Golden Tortoise”. It was a thematic day dedicated to specially protected natural areas of the country. All visitors of the festival could listen to lectures, test their strength and wit in master-classes prepared by specialists of reserves and national parks from all over Russia. The geography was impressive! Their programs were prepared by: National Parks “Sai-Lugemsky”, “Elk Island”, “Kenozersky”, reserves “Dagestan” and “Kerzhensky”, FGBU “Zapovednyi Krym”, “Zapovednoe Priamurie” and “Zapovednaya Ossetia-Alania”. Natalia Shpilenok, Deputy Director for Environmental Education and Tourism of FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” presented a report on tourism development under the title “Zapovednik is waiting for guests”. Small and adult guests of the festival with pleasure participated in the master class “Beast in the footsteps of any” and colored suvenir figurines of animals. The festival “Golden Turtle” will last till December 10. The mission of the festival is to preserve nature, change people’s ecological consciousness and behavior through art, love for nature and education.

Sketching lesson in the Museum of Nature

On Monday, November 20, the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve once again hosted students of the A.A. Buzovkin Children’s Art School within the framework of the art project “Reserve: Seasons of the Year”. Young artists worked in the Museum of Nature, where they drew animals from life. The extensive exposition of the Museum allowed to choose objects for any taste. The program did not end here. Our guests had to fulfill an important mission – to take part in the Reserve Dictation. After having a rest after the sketching lesson and drinking tea, the young artists watched an introductory video and listened to a short lecture devoted to a rare red-nosed animal – the cat Pallas’ cat, as it became the hero of the text of the dictation. The theme of the Preserved Dictation 2023 is “A Word about Protected Nature. From the first person”. The author of the story about the cat Pallas’ cat was Vadim Kirilyuk, a leading researcher of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Reserve “Daursky”. All participants of the dictation received certificates.

Awards to employees, gratitude to friends

On Saturday, November 25, FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Central Bison Nursery. Ceremonial events were held on the territory of the Central Estate and the Museum and Exhibition Center in Serpukhov. The event had an official and unofficial part. At first, the meeting of the section of experts on the conservation and restoration of bison was held in the Reserve in person and with the participation of representatives of the State Unitary Enterprise “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” via VCS, as well as the presentation of letters of appreciation and gifts to the members of the section from the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and the Prioksko-Terrasnaya Reserve. The unofficial part was held in the Museum and Exhibition Center of Serpukhov. Here, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and the head of the Serpukhov municipal district of the Moscow region honored with high awards the current employees of the nursery and partners who contributed to the work of the Central Bison Nursery. The partners were thanked by the Reserve.

Tour operators in the Reserve

On November 29, the Reserve hosted a group of tour operators from Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow and St. Petersburg. For representatives of the industry, specialists of the Department of Environmental Education and Cognitive Tourism conducted an in-depth excursion, actually showing step-by-step all the stages of visiting the tourist facilities of the Reserve. Tour operators visited the Museum of Nature and passed the ecological route “Road to the bison”, familiarized themselves with the ecological park “Tree House” and the ecological trail “Through the leaves” closed until spring. We are sure that it will be much easier for the Reserve to work with its partners, who now have a good idea of all the possibilities and time limits when visiting a specially protected natural area.