Digest July 2023

Surprised the whole family

On July 1, an unusual surprise excursion took place in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. The thing is that in spring of this year we were approached by Sergey Alexandrovich Raskin, who announced his desire to take part in the sponsorship program “Adopt a bison”. He waited until Mukol the bison cub was born and adopted it – he became a foster “daddy”. He even got the right to give him a nickname – he named him Musician. After waiting for the calf to get stronger, Sergei decided to visit the ward with his family: his wife, two daughters and a family friend. But no one was to know about the adoption! When they got to the kennel and approached the farthest enclosure, they suddenly saw the “Adoption Certificate” attached to the fence. My wife and children were very surprised, and the accompanying employee-guide at the same minute took out a memorable placard-certificate and solemnly handed it to Sergey, who was pleased with the effect! In short, the surprise was a success.

Keeping our hand on the pulse

On July 7, specialists of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve visited the All-Russian Amateur Advertising Contest.  Serpukhov became the second city to receive the baton of the project. The competition screening of the videos was held in the Ki-Nolux movie theater in B-Class in the format of a movie premiere. The business event was accompanied by networking, speeches by professionals from the film industry, video production, advertising and a photo shoot.



To the marshes

Last Friday, June 7, the scientific department of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve held a training field trip for existing guides. The class was conducted by senior researcher Ilya Murashev. This time the topic was herbaceous vegetation of sphagnum bogs located on the northern border of the reserve. The excursion met many characteristic plants of this biotope: cinquefoil, cinquefoil, bog bush, cranberry and bilberry, its participants were surprised to learn that nature also knows how to plant herringbones like in a straight line. But the most important impression was made by a small unsightly flower – dewberry. It is a real predatory plant, whose small brownish-red glandular hairs secrete sticky liquid and skillfully catch insects. The same “glue” a little later will digest the gullible prey perfectly. The rain started pouring down three times and everyone came back completely wet, but full of new knowledge and impressions.

Volunteers and rain

On Saturday, July 8, volunteer work took place on the territory of the Central Farmstead of the Reserve. For the fourth year in a row our old friends from Trans-Neft-ElectrosetService Ltd. come to help the reserve in household chores. The weather was most unsuitable – although it was hot, it rained almost constantly. Despite the dampness, we worked very productively: we weeded young green plants and dismantled the old mesh fence around the warehouses. Wet but satisfied volunteers went on a tour to the Central Bison Nursery, had lunch and hot tea. The day was fun and we really hope no one got a runny nose! Many thanks to our helpers.


Radisson Volunteers

A change of activity is the best vacation! On Friday, July 14, employees of Radisson Hotel Group tested the truth of this statement. Hoteliers came to Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve to participate in the volunteer day. Residents of the metropolis turned out to be great masters of painting. They approached the work in a thoughtful and structured way: they thoroughly cleaned the surfaces, painted even the most inconspicuous and hard-to-reach surface. Several men got their hands on bolt cutters and helped dismantle the old mesh fence. Good workers always have a great appetite and at the end of the event everyone was very hungry. After drinking tea and having a little snack, the volunteers became alert again and ready to move on to the entertainment and information part of the event, i.e. to go on a tour. We don’t know if they felt rested after the change of activity, but we are very grateful to the Radisson Hotel Group staff for their help and hope that this day left pleasant memories.

Stakes for science

Last weekend, the scientific department of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve organized an update of the marking of sample plots, where long-term observations of forest vegetation dynamics are carried out. The Reserve’s staff and specialists of the Department of Geobotany of the Lomonosov Moscow State University under the guidance of the Head of the Department Vladimir Gertrudovich Onipchenko. The marking was made on a square grid with wooden stakes. On Saturday, July 15, specialists of the Department of Geobotany of MSU, employees of the scientific department of the reserve and specially selected volunteers went to the sites. Due to the remoteness of the sites, everyone had to sweat a lot before the new stakes were placed and hammered into place. The renewed markings can last about 10 years, so the study of the dynamics of forest regeneration in natural conditions will continue.

“Spotted Day” or “Big Cat Day”

On Saturday, July 15, employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve took part in the Big Cat Day, which was held in Moscow in the pavilion “School” of the art park “Museon”. It was possible to learn about big cats of our country at thematic lectures: “Rare cats and where they live”, “The largest cat on the planet”, “Where is the land of the leopard?”, “Leo in the Caucasus”, “Manul: free steppe hermit”, “The snowiest cat”. The pro-gram also included master classes, quizzes and film screenings prepared by the staff of the leading nature reserves and national parks. Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve held a master class “Any animal by its tracks”, where young guests and their parents learned to identify an animal by its tracks on kinetic sand. The guests were greeted by Leo, Tig and, of course, Bison. The trio captured the attention of children and adults for a long time, who continuously took memorable photos. Only two people were not happy with the appearance of the “Bison” – a little boy, seeing the huge furry creature, was frightened and ran away from his mother, the second was a terrier, which at first boldly attacked the “Bison”, but then was also frightened and hid behind the backs of the owners. The day was great – there was a lot of useful information, interesting activities and bright memorable pictures. “Spotted Day” is dedicated to the Fore-Asian leopard and is celebrated on July 15, as on this day in 2016, three of these rare predators were first released into the wild in the Caucasus Mountains. The event was organized by Roszapovedcenter of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Russian Geographical Society.

New exposition at the Museum of Nature

On Friday, July 21, the exhibition “The Bison Returns” opened at the Museum of Nature. This is a major project of the State Darwin Museum. The exposition is devoted to the fate of the European bison, its almost complete extinction and successful restoration of the population. The exhibition is timed to the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Central Bison Nursery – the first Russian bison breeding nursery. The exposition consists of information tablets and creative works dedicated to the bison. We would like to remind you that a visit to the Museum of Nature is included in the excursion along the ecological trail “Road to the bison”, besides the museum is open for independent visit, so there is no time limit for deeper familiarization with the exhibition. The exhibition will continue its work until October, after which it will be presented in the Museum and Exhibition Center of Serpukhov on Gorky 5B.

Volunteers at the Reserve cordon

An unusual volunteer day was held in the Reserve – an organized group of volunteers from the Union of Orthodox Entrepreneurs (Moscow), employees of the protected area and private helpers gathered on Saturday, July 22 to carry out economic works to improve the territory of the 40th cordon of the Reserve, located in the picturesque floodplain of the Oka River. This place has always attracted creative people. Back in 70-80 years of the last century many feature films were shot here, famous artists, writers and wildlife photographers worked here. Currently, the building, which is of historical value, is undergoing major repairs, and the territory around the house is being improved, including the efforts of volunteers. The management and staff of the reserve express their heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers for their help last Saturday. We also express our gratitude to our kind and responsive neighbor, entrepreneur Spassky, who donated specialized heavy equipment for the volunteer day. At the end of the work, the volunteers traditionally visited the ecological trail “Road to the Bison”.

Night race with a bison

On Saturday, July 22 in the city of Serpukhov in Oleg Stepanov Park took place a sporting event in an unusual format. The night run united about two hundred Serpukhovites and guests of the city! Running club IQ runners together with the sports school “Zubrenok” organized and held an exciting race in neon lights. Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve joined the organizers. The participants of the race were greeted by a bison puppet. This time he tried on a sports cap of a runner. Together with running coach Elena Papizhuk, the bison athlete took part in the warm-up and then gave the command to start. The participants received prizes and awards for the brightest images. Traditionally, everyone took memorable photos with the star of the evening – the bison.




Excursions for children

On July 25, Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve hosted a young delegation from the children’s club “Lesnaya opushka”. These are 66 children of families of the participants of the special military operation from Serpukhov, Protvino and Pushchino, as well as from the Belgorod region. Within the framework of summer recreation for them regularly organized creative master classes, sports tournaments, yesterday at the campfire, contests and excursions. Much attention is paid to outdoor leisure. For each shift of boys and girls at the request of the Administration of the city of Serpukhov Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik organizes a day in a specially protected natural area with a visit to the Central Bison Nursery. In addition to the amazing story of the extinction and rescue of the red-listed animal, the children get acquainted with the king of European forests – the bison.

Ecological philosophy

Specialists of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” took part in the grand-final of the project “Ecosophy” of the presidential platform “Russia – a country of opportunities”, which took place last weekend in Nizhny Novgorod. As leading experts, on July 28, they discussed topical issues of forming ecological culture, ecological lifestyle and sustainable development in Russia. As a group of like-minded people, on July 29, they supported the project in the nomination “Eco-Education” of the team of semi-finalist colleagues from the Interregional Foundation for Environmental Initiatives (Mari El Republic). On the same day, they became part of the open city event held in the park “Switzerland” and as co-organizers of the Mobile Game Center “Learn the world by playing” – held workshops “I study Russia”, “Tracks in the protected forest”, “In balance with nature”, as well as created their own exciting space, where in an entertaining game format they conducted an interactive introduction to their specially protected natural territory, told about the Central Bison Nursery and its inhabitant – the bison. “Specialists of the Environmental Education and Cognitive Tourism Department of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve were happy to take part in a landmark integrated environmental education event. In the “city of sunsets” we were energized by the energy of environmentalists from 33 regions of our country, inspired by unusual works of art made of recycled materials and unnecessary things of the creative workshop and impressed by 120 eco-activities that combined visual art, music, word and endless love for nature and man”, – summarized the trip Chief Environmental Education Specialist Irina Pushkova.