Digest January 2022

Representatives of a number of specially protected natural areas prepared presentations, lectures and workshops. On that day, the programs were presented by the Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve, the Kommandorsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve. The first speakers were employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve. The guests listened to the presentation “The Bison – the Pride of the Reserve”, enjoyed the workshop “The Animal in Any Trace”, looked for hidden animals in the quiz “Who is hiding in the woods”, colored animal figures, solved an ecological crossword puzzle and collected a floor bison puzzle in a team game “Bisons”. It was interesting, fun and the two hours of the program passed very quickly. The day was full of discussions. The participants gained new knowledge. The staff of specially protected natural areas are always happy to tell you many interesting things about their work and share unique facts. Probably everyone who was at the event on this snowy day learned something important and useful for themselves. For your information: the Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks is celebrated on January 11. On that day the first state nature reserve (Barguzinsky) appeared. From that moment, the system of specially protected natural areas began to develop.

On January 22, the inter-regional ecological contest “Swedish Table for Birds” finished. It was held within the framework of the All-Russian campaign “Feed the Birds in Winter”. Fifty-four works were registered for participation – handmade bird feeders. The finalists were chosen by a committee of employees of the Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve. All of them were invited to an event at the Central Manor of the Reserve. The participants presented their works and revealed little secrets of making their bird feeders. The Reserve employees told about the necessity to feed birds in winter and organized a fascinating quiz and a photo session. Afterwards, the guests went for an excursion to bison. Congratulations to all the participants and special honor to contest winners!