Digest February 2023

World Wetlands Day

February 2 – World Wetlands Day! As part of this event, a thematic stream with the participation of Viktor Grishenkov, Director of FGBU National Park “Ugra”, and Ilya Murashev, Senior Researcher of FGBU Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve.



Reserve in the lens

On February 2, another live broadcast took place. On the channel “TV 360” Irina Pushkova, chief specialist in environmental education, and representatives of the city of Serpukhov told about the All-Russian action “Give your 106” held in the Reserve.



Dark Ski Race

On February 4, “Bisons” of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve took part in the unique evening ski race “Dark Ski Race” for the prizes of honored coach of Russia Alexey Vladimirovich Zhestkov. The spectacular event was held at the Krasnye Krylia sports complex. More than 350 professionals and amateur skiers gathered to participate in the night ski race. The sixth race gathered participants from Yaroslavl to Anapa. Representatives from almost the whole Moscow region: from Serpukhov to Shchelkovo, from Zaraysk to Istra. At the start and finish line, a Bison doll greeted everyone. It became the center of attraction for a mass photo session at the end of the race and took part in the awards ceremony. The participants were addressed from the big screen by Vsevolod Solovyov, commentator and host of Match TV; Alexander Legkov, Sochi 2014 Olympic champion; Nikolay Kruglov, 2006 Olympic medalist, 4-time biathlon world champion; Alexander Zavyalov, 3-time Olympic medalist, world champion, 2-time world cup winner. All finishers received medals, exchanged positive energy, and some lucky ones got tickets to visit the Prioksko-Terrasny Zapovednik.

Learn and learn again!

On Wednesday, February 8, the scientific department of the Reserve held the annual training for the enumerators of the forthcoming winter route tracking. The training was attended by both employees of the FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” and volunteer helpers. The first training session was theoretical, during which we studied who walks in the forest, how some tracks differ from others, the size and shape of tracks of different animals. The second lesson was devoted to practice. On Wednesday morning, the future recorders were not at desks in the conference hall of the reserve, but in the snow-covered forest. Here birds and animals feel like at home, many of them are difficult to meet in any other place in the Moscow region. The acquired knowledge will soon be useful on the ski routes of the annual winter route counting.

Get on your skis, or the peculiarities of the winter route tracking survey

On February 10-11, the Winter Track Count was held on the territory of the Prioksko-Terras State Natural Biosphere Reserve. The length of routes, which the surveyors had to pass twice, amounted to more than 100 kilometers. On the first day, the surveyors moved to 11 routes with the length from 10 to 12 kilometers and thoroughly wiped all the tracks. On the next day, only fresh tracks left during the day are counted on the routes. Now, in office conditions, specialists of the scientific department will carry out calculations of the total number of animals depending on the coefficients of the length of daily movement of different species.


Mulya + Musya = holiday

On Saturday, February 11, specialists from the Environmental Education Department of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve visited two parks in the Serpukhov urban district. In the afternoon, they took part in the Winter Sports Day, which took place in the park named after О. Stepanov. They held an open lesson and taught children and adults how to read animal tracks, and bison dolls shared bright emotions, participating together with children and their parents in funny competitions, street exercises and photo session. In the evening, the “bisons” Mulya and Musya became the main characters at the ice arena in ‘Pitomnik’ Park.


We start the working week with radio

On Monday, February 13, specialists of the Environmental Education Department of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” visited Avtoradio Serpukhov 105.5 FM. The airtime was barely enough – we wanted to tell so much about the upcoming activities in the reserve. We devoted most of the airtime to answering the question: what we plan to do in February. In addition, we touched upon the preparation for the tourist season-2023 and told about unusual events planned for this summer.


Bison take over the airwaves

On Tuesday, February 14, Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve was on air again. Now in video format! TV channel 360 conducted an online quiz from our Museum of Nature. Our team told about the history of the reserve. In the broadcast there were questions like who was the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve named after? What animal cannot be found on the territory of the reserve? What letters should the nickname of an “adopted” bison begin? How many plant species of the reserve are included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation? What fairy-tale character’s house can be seen on the territory of the reserve?


The reserve is the choice of children and parents!

“Secret tourists” visited the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve on a day off. Having bought tickets for the excursion on the ecological trail “The Road to the Bison”, having learned the history of saving the contemporaries of mammoths, having familiarized themselves with the expositions in the Museum of Nature and having made a mosaic art-panel “Bison” from pieces of multicolored glass smalt at the master class, the girls returned to the cash desk and asked … to invite the administrator. They handed over an envelope containing a Certificate of Quality and a sticker “PROVEN: the choice of children and their parents”. The symbols of the reserve – bison puppets – hastened to place the Certificate of Quality from the MAMADO.SU service in the most prominent place.

Protected friends

On Friday, February 17, in the walls of the Central City Library named after A.P. Chekhov, the next session of the School of “Reserved Friends” took place. A.P. Chekhov Central City Library hosted the next session of the School of “Reserved Friends”. The students were told about the complex work of the territory protection department of the FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” by the state inspector in the field of environmental protection Evgeny Sidorov.


On Saturday, February 18, the Winter Run: visiting the bison took place

An important date was celebrated in the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. On this day, a large-scale ecological and sports event was held, timed to the 44th anniversary of the day when the reserve was granted international status. On February 19, 1979, the only reserve of the Moscow region entered the World Network of Biosphere Reserves within the framework of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program. The event was held in the format of “Winter Run”, during which professional runners and nature lovers were able to overcome a five-kilometer route through the Prioksky forest with ecological-educational stops. At the end of the event, everyone enjoyed a tea party with cakes and a “Reserve Quiz” with amazing prizes.


Learn and learn again!

On Wednesday, February 22, an informative lecture on changes in the species diversity of avifauna was held at the Central Estate of the Reserve. To improve their skills and general outlook, specialists from all departments of the nature reserve were invited. The event was conducted by senior researcher Ilya Murashev. His lecture was entitled “Avifaunistic research on the territory of the Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve” and touched upon changes in the species diversity of birds in the specially protected natural area in the context of several decades. The listeners learned which bird species are no longer found here, and which, on the contrary, were first recorded here, and how science explains these changes. For example, for a long time no sightings of pygmy eagle, barnacle and eagle owl have been registered, but for several years in a row Long-tailed owl and black stork have been recorded, single sightings of Bearded owl have been noted. Many changes are related to human activity in Moscow region, especially in connection with the change of farming methods.

Primordial Russia

On Thursday, February 23, the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the program of the Nature Festival “Pristravdannaya Rossiya” was held under the slogan “To protect nature – to protect the Motherland!”. The event was attended by specialists of FGBU “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve”, as well as state inspectors of nature reserves and national parks, representatives of non-profit environmental organizations. On this day on the Main stage of the festival performed : Artur Murzakhanov (Rosza-Povedtsentr of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia), Anastasia Mirsanova (Kronotsky State Reserve), Anton Fetisov (Bolshekhtsirsky Reserve), Amir Galyautdinov (National Park “Sengileev Mountains”), Ivan Yutkin (Losiny Ostrov National Park), Ekaterina Kostrova (Voroninsky Reserve) Ekaterina Vasyagina (Union of Wildlife Photographers), Kirill Uyutnov (Union of Wildlife Photographers), Ksenia Gasparyan (Development Director of the Zapovednoe Embassy Foundation).

February 25-26 – Reserved Pancake Week

In the last days of Shrovetide week in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve there was held the Reserve Pancake Day! In the best folk traditions, street festivities were held on the Central Manor of the Reserve – guests ate pancakes, were photographed with Bison dolls and drank non-alcoholic mulled wine. At this time on the stage there was a theatrical performance – “The Tale of how Serpukhov merchant Agripina Trifonovna and her faithful friend Brunhilda Karlovna went to the forest to wake up Kikimora and woke up Vesna-Krasna and strange animals”. Then the participants of the festivities went on a winter excursion along the ecological trail “The Road to the Bison”. Goodbye, winter, hello, spring! Pancake festivities were organized by great professionals – specialists of the travel company “Uezdny Gorod”.

“Reserve Day”

On Thursday, March 2 in Lipitsky central rural house of culture specialists of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Prioksko-Terrasny State Reserve” took part in the children’s environmental education event “Reserve Day”.  Pupils of 6th and 7th grades met with a guest from the reserve – public relations specialist Sergey Maslov. The pupils were shown a short movie about the sights of the only reserve near Moscow and had an informative tour of the photo exhibition dedicated to the flora and fauna of the specially protected natural area. The lectures were fun and often turned into a dialog; the children asked many questions and enthusiastically told about their own observations and encounters with wild animals. The next two lectures will be held on Thursday, March 9.