«Day of the beaver, good and forest»

The holiday dedicated to the day of beaver was held on October 20, 2018 in the Voronezh State Reserve. Representatives of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve simply had to participate in such a celebration!
Our colleagues came from several reserves: Prioksko-Terrasny, Mordovia, Kerzhensky, Khopersky, Belogoriya and the Elk Island national park. Everyone brought with them an extensive program in the form of various environmental quizzes, workshops, interesting souvenirs.

Our reserve interested visitors from Voronezh and the surrounding villages with their master classes – we taught everyone to make bracelets from acorns, origami bookmarks for books with images of various animals. An endless stream of children approached. The images of owl and bison were especially popular. Many took part in collecting puzzles with images of bison and buffalo.

All those present were pleased and surprised by the abundance of life-size puppets. Guests were happily greeted by bison, beavers, desmans, foxes, gray wolves, leopards and moose. They passed by a funny parade of dolls and did not refuse anyone to take a joint photo for memory.

The celebration was attended by representatives of local small businesses with their products. There were products of folk art, a shop with Orthodox literature, gingerbread products of local confectioners and much more.

The performance of the artists of the Voronezh Philharmonic was unforgettable. The lottery was fun and interesting, where among other prizes 2 certificates were drawn for a free visit to our bison in the Central nursery for 3 people.

The day was a success! The reward to the organizers was the sincere joy of the guests and participants, the kind atmosphere at the celebration of “Day of the beaver, good and forest.”