Day of science and creativity in the secondary school of the of Danki settlement

Invited guests were employees of the Department of Environmental Education and Cognitive Tourism of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.

For schoolchildren, an ecological lesson on the topic “Birds” was held. After that, the children saw a small episode from Mikhail Rodionov’s film about the awakening of nature in the spring. After watching the guys looked at the presentation about the birds that live in our region. People living in close vicinity with the only nature reserve in the Moscow region are simply ashamed not to understand the species and habits of birds. Of course, all lessons on this day were conducted in an unusual game form.

This cognitive surprise was not the last! At the conclusion of this school day, the guys took an active part in the scientific quiz. And then, already as a rest, all together we started creating the Bird of Happiness in the master class.
But, unfortunately, all the good ends quickly! The guys will continue their studies and now birds singing around the school can hardly save their own incognito under the sharp glances of the young researchers of the nature of their homeland.
We hope that this is not our last meeting, and next time we will continue our cognitive lessons!