Day of Environmental Knowledge


April 15 is annually celebrated worldwide as a Day of Environmental Knowledge. Its history started in 1992 at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro, where problems of environment were discussed and an enormous importance of environmental education for the population of all world countries was highlighted as a part of realization of the strategy of survival and sustainable development of the humanity.

The main goals of today’s date include the promotion of environmental knowledge and formation of ecological culture of the population, informing the general public about the state of affairs in the sphere of ecological safety and the state of the environment, as well as upbringing and preparing a citizen who can think in an ecological way.

In our country this event has been celebrated since 1996 by the initiative of public environmental organizations.

It is also noteworthy that the Day of Environmental Knowledge is important not only for those whose job is related to environmental education and awareness, but also for all inhabitants of our planet, because this problem concerns the life safety in the future for all of us.