Day of Bison Adopters

On November 21, the traditional “Day of Bison Adopters” was held in the Prioksko-Terrasniy Zapovednik.

The holding of this friendly meeting in 2017 is timed to two important dates – the birthday of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Zablotsky and the birthday of the Central Bison Nursery founded by him.

The program “Adopt a Bison” is well known to many friends of our reserve. Its purpose is to attract sponsorship funds to improve the maintenance of animals in the Central Bison nursery and also environmental education activities. The adopter of the bison gets the right to give a name to his ward and monitor his life and health.  Over 13 years of the program, about 130 of our bison have acquired “adoptive parents».


Thanks to the growing interest in this kind of charity, the number of “adopted” bisons is constantly increasing. The amount of annual support for the maintenance of a single bison is 50 thousand rubles and includes expenses not only for feed, but also for veterinary services, as well as maintenance of the entire nursery infrastructure. Sponsorship allows us to solve many problems more quickly – to provide materials for volunteers, to carry out various works  for the territory, to buy some juicy feed or vitamins for our pets.


The program of the “Day of Bison Adopters”  always includes a “parent meeting”. “Adoptive parents” receive all necessary information about the life and health of their wards. And of course, they receive a detailed report from the reserve about spending money.


In the summer, bison go to the green pastures deep into the paddocks. Therefore, the adoptive parents can see their “Pets” in the autumn, when the bison return from the forest. Our reserve decided to hold “parental meetings” in the fall. Foster parents are always very happy to “talk” with their pets, treat them to fresh carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, together to be photographed for memory. Bad weather and cold are not a hindrance at all.

на экскур

This year almost all of our voluntary sponsors came to our reserve. «Adoptive parents» of bison received new “Adoption certificates”. During a friendly conversation over a cup of hot tea, those present with pleasure watched the movie “4 seasons in the reserve”, shared their impressions of the visit to the Central Bison nursery. They noted that there had been great changes for the better.


Our volunteer friends note that they are very pleased with the opportunity to do a good deed and help the wonderful world of wildlife. The financial support of our partners makes it possible to facilitate a long and difficult work to restore the population of Europe’s largest wild bull.

Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve thanks all bison adoptive parents and looks forward to a long and fruitful cooperation!